Bringing Real Sexy Back

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but suddenly over the last 10 years girls started acting trashy and dressed like sluts. Suddenly it was cool to have your breasts and butt hanging out of your clothes. Thanks to “celebrities” like Paris, Lindsay and Britney, suddenly girls were getting out of cars and sitting in chairs proving they were wearing no underwear. No longer were girls and women alike leaving things to the imagination. When did it become cool to look like a hot mess?! I remember being out one Saturday night a year ago and as I looked around I realized that most women were dressed in as little as possible. I’m not overly conservative, but good grief! And for a split second I felt under dressed believe it or not! It wasn’t just the way women were dressed though. It was also how they spoke to each other. “Bye bitch!” “Love ya whore!” Wait, what?! Since I first heard that term of “endearment” (which I say that loosely) back when Paris & Nicole’s “Simple Life” was on I was annoyed and hoped it wouldn’t catch on. Of course it spread like herpes and girls all over started using it. It drives me nuts! Do not call your friend a bitch or slut, ok? Would you say that in front of your mom or grandma? Exactly. Anyways, I couldn’t believe how much women’s fashion and attitude changed since I graduated from high school a decade ago. But finally, FINALLY!, the pendulum is swinging back. Thanks to the popularity of Mad Men, and fashionista’s like Kate Middleton, Ivanka Trump, Selena Gomez, Michelle Obama and Zooey Deschanel, more girls are dressing classier and stylish again. Hopefully this classy trend will stay!

photo from pinmarkletphoto from pinmarkletphoto from pinmarklet

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  1. Shawn Thomas says:

    It’s amazing where times have gone. I mean, evolution and change is inevitable and happens all the time. But I am glad that this upcoming generation of high schoolers and young adults are starting to revert to good class. Great post, Leah 🙂


    1. Leah* says:

      Thank you! I agree. There seemed to have been a generation of vulgarity and trash forming, but so glad thats changing.


  2. Raquel says:

    The boy and I were just talking about this the other day. After watching Mad Men as a matter of fact! We we saying how fashion has changed from nothing to then being fashionable and classy in the 20s-50s and then it started getting more and more casual to the point of slob and skanky (depending on whether you’re a guy or a girl. Although some girls are really good at dressing like slobs). I can only hope these trends start picking back up. It’s like we are regressing to the age of the neanderthal…


    1. Leah* says:

      Yes! I love looking at the evolution of fashion. But its crazy how skank became a trend! Thank God it isn’t sticking! Hopefully shows like Jersey Shore will disappear cause they are part of the trash trend.


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