My 2012…So Far.

They say there’s light at the end of the tunnel. You may be going through hell, but keep going cause you’ll get out before the devil knows you’re there. It’s true. I went through a couple of rough years a few years back. It was a time where there was more bad than good and seemed like it was never-ending drama, sorrow, loss, confusion, etc… But, with my faith in Christ, my health in tact and a great group of family and friends I got through it. The dead weight started to lift by the second half of last year. I was on a new chapter in my life. I went back to school, got focused and everything started falling into place. January of this year til now has been a whirl-wind and amazing! Since it’s the halfway point of the year I have to look back and reflect at how far I’ve come and all I’ve accomplished. It started out with interning in radio at Clear Channel learning from Brian & LeeAnn- two people I’ve admired in the business for a long time-at 99.5 WGAR. Then went over to Fox 8 and Kicked it with Kenny in the morning. Getting to work in TV, and under my dear friend and mentor Kenny Crumpton, as well as the rest of the morning show team was a dream come true. I learned so much from both my radio and television internships, and feel so lucky to have had both opportunities. After working my butt off between school, interning and bartending on weekends (I don’t miss 24-hr Fridays…), all my hard work paid off and I landed a job with TV20. I started off Freelancing in February, but after working hard to show my passion for broadcasting I landed my own show, Listen Up Cleveland!, which is currently in development. Soon, I’ll be full-time. But with the job I have had the opportunity to cover the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, leading me to interview Alice Cooper  & Matt Pinfield! Two people I have loved and respected-for different reasons-for a long time. I got to be in the press room seeing artists I had dreamed of meeting forever. But you can read the blog on that later. A couple of weeks ago I got to cover the Citadel Freedom of Speech awards where Ted Turner was honored, and I got the honor of asking him a question during the open forum. He blew me away. Plus, I got to interview Connie Schultz who is a shero of mine. She told me how excited she was for me and proud she was of me. I’m getting choked up just writing this.









Aside from that, I have tried so many new things: Cirque Du Soleil Ribbon Class, tried DJ-ing a party, learning to be a producer, tried foods I hadn’t tried before, went on dates with guys I may never have given a chance before…it’s been quite a year. I celebrated my Polish heritage on Dyngus Day, got to see Cirque Du Soleil for the first time (thanks Kenny!), landed a spot as a Glambassador for Glamour Magazine, emcee the Lube Jams Rock Wars Battle of the Bands and went back to yoga. A few things haven’t completely changed. I’m back for my 4th season with the Cleveland Gladiators, but this time we are owned by Dan Gilbert. So I get to be back with the Cavaliers family! Also I went back to bartending on weekends at Whiskey Island, which is my second home. I have made so many amazing new friends, cut out the energy vampires, and although I have lost a few loved ones already this year, I have become even closer to my family.

















I turned 29 back in April and I was paranoid about it. Why? I dunno. I was more fearful of 29 then I am of turning 30 in like 10 months! Well, at least for now lol. But, so far 29 has been crazy amazing! The next 6 months are going to be just as nuts. I officially graduate from broadcasting school in 9 weeks, have my brothers wedding right after that, start full-time in the Broadcasting industry, and Lord knows what fun, new things I’ll try! I feel like I have finally found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I have grown so much emotionally, spiritually, mentally. If the world really is ending in December, this has been a pretty good way to go out. And at least I won’t have to worry about turning 30. 🙂

Night In With The TV

It was a slow Friday night working the bar last night so I actually got to leave early. So what did I do? I went to my parents house to spend quality time with them (and do much-needed laundry!). My parents are still fairly big tv watchers, and since I don’t have cable at home, this got to be quality Friday night TV watching as well.

First up, Jennie Garth’s A Little Bit Country. I’ve been a huge fan of Jennie for a long time. Seriously, I had the Kelly Taylor doll and watched Danielle Steel’s Star (which also starred the gorgeous Craig Bierko) a gazillion times, so I was so glad it was coming on when I could actually watch it. It opens with some bad acting on her assistants part, and Jennie giving her a day at a spa only to call as soon as she gets there to run an errand. It, within 10 minutes, sucked. Hard. I didn’t want to start looking at her differently, she has to stay Kelly Taylor to me, so after 10 minutes I turned it and never went back.

The next thing I caught was a couple of shows that had like 2 minutes each to win me over. Bitchin’ Kitchen was the most irritating thing I’ve seen & heard since the Kardashians. Is that the chicks actual voice or an act? I don’t even care cause it bothered the bejesus out of me. I may not have even made it 2 minutes. Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is still great and I probably stayed on longer than 2 minutes. And whatever place that was with the meatloaf sandwich I want to go! Say Yes To The Dress: Bridesmaids is what I had been watching up until Jennie’s show, so we did keep flipping back, but having been a bridesmaid’s consultant myself 8 years ago it just brings up both fun & annoying memories. Bridezilla’s and jealous bridesmaids will always make great TV. More on that later.

Jennie’s show ended and it was on to the next new reality show, Melissa and Tye. It stars Melissa Rycroft, who is a former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader (and was featured on Making of Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders), was on the Bachelor/Bachelorette and Dancing With the Stars. I’m a fan of hers (clearly) and I think she’s the only person that has really done reality TV right. This particular show follows Melissa, her husband and their journey raising their baby. It was actually a really cute & entertaining show and I enjoyed the whole 30 minutes.

Then one of my favorite Friday night shows, E! Fashion Police. I loooove this show so much and adore Joan Rivers with all of my being. I have since I was a kid honestly. As funny as the show was I have one big issue with last nights episode .They had RHOA NeNe Leaks on it. Ugh. How is this broad getting TV work?! Please stop casting her!! (And while we’re at it, quit casting Snooki too, thanks).

Throughout the night there were commercials for new shows that I’m excited (and one I’m not) for:

Cashing in on the bridal shows, Rande (who I heart!) from Say Yes To The Dress is getting his own spin-off called Rande To The Rescue where he’ll be giving bride’s makeovers! This is where my girly side is excited and giddy and I will watch it. Judge all you’d like.

Dallas is coming back with most of the original cast, on TNT June 12. I can’t wait!!!! Just please don’t shoot J.R. I can’t go through that anxiety again.

The Choice, which clearly is the new version of The Dating Game. I’m not overly hyped for it, but I will tune in for sure and give it a chance.

Beverly Hills Nannies. I watch all of the Beverly Hills-type shows, so I’ll watch the first episode or 2. But I’d rather have all those shows gone and Robin Leach’s Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous return. Do you hear me Network Exec’s?!

The Newsroom, which is a new show coming on HBO, looks amazing. I will be tuning in for sure. Jeff Daniels stars in it and looks almost like Peter Jennings.

And the one I won’t be watching? Redneck Island which is hosted by Steve Austin. I like Steve Austin, but I find the show concept appalling. Especially since I have a Southern family. It’s nothing but another version of Survivor with “hillbilly” stereotypes and cliché’s. Ugh.

So if there’s anything new you think I should catch, let me know! Here are the shows I already watch when I get a chance:

Mad Men, The New Girl, Once Upon A Time, almost anything on E! and Bravo, Guiliana & Bill and Modern Family.