Why Are Women Planning Their Weddings Online When Not Engaged?


My name is Leah, and I’m addicted to Pinterest. Like other Pinterest addicts I have created a motivational, food/spirits, fashion and humor boards. But one I am not doing is my wish list wedding one. I’m not putting down those that do, but it’s not for me. Have I “liked” some wedding picture ideas? Sure! They’re lovely. And can be used as general entertaining ideas. But my single, fabulous self creating a wedding dream board? Seems a little ridiculous. Plus I’m superstitious and feel like it would jinx the idea of that kind of happily ever after. I know, you may think THAT’S ridiculous! I just feel like having something like that when you’re not engaged is as demeaning to ourselves as women as going on The Bachelor/Bachelorette would be. Like some kind of desperation. No, I’m not calling you desperate, but a man who comes across your Pinterest page might. Then proceed to run screaming in the opposite direction. For now why don’t we relax and enjoy planning and celebrating other things! I don’t see dream Birthday Party boards. I may start one now though lol. What is it about that day that we as women think about and plan? Obviously some more than others. I’m not saying I havent thought about it and have ideas of my own, but to go into actual planning mode and creating a board for it I don’t understand. Is it the hope that women cling to by creating it? A way to pass time? Maybe someone can enlighten me. I think the fact it’s so public is what gets to me. If you created something that you saved personally, privately I can maybe understand that, but it being so public makes me feel like suddenly all women have wedding on the brain. So that’s one of the things I’ve been pondering today. Now back to pinning pasta dishes and trips to tropical islands…

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