Life Cycles

Every age, every seven-year aggression, and every seven-year unfoldment has special things to be known, understood, and worked with. There is no time in your life that does not have validity. In each seven-year cycle there is a complete body chemistry change and a need for unfoldment, a release from preconceived attitudes. This gives a freedom which permits major change in attitudes, in relationships, and in career.” ~by Julien at

They say you go through a life cycle every seven years, but I never really believed it until this year. Every year you have highlights and low moments. Some years seem to be filled with more of one than the other. There are years that I felt like there was some heavy force weighing me down. Those heavy years make the good ones feel so easy breezy. This was one of those breezy years. Not easy by any means, but breezy. Not since 2004 have I accomplished so many goals off my yearly check list or feel so secure in who I am and what I want. But, those 7 years in between have the hardcore highs and lows, the experiences that shaped me into being who I am today and knowing better of what I want, need and deserve.

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