Our Awesome Engagement Photos (Part 1)!

dancing in from of cle sign

Back in June my fiance Patrick and I had our engagement shoot with photographer Ken Clunk of too much awesomeness. We really wanted to show who we are as a couple, and I think the photos and our location choices really highlight it! We started off in Ohio City at the Greetings from Cleveland sign. Patrick is used to being behind the camera (and I kept awkward giggling about everything!) so Ken was amazing and had us pick out some music to get us more relaxed. Then we posed and danced and kissed to the sounds of Led Zeppelin and started having a ball!

tango dancing

us dancing

patrick twirling me

walking together and smiling

posing for the picture


Next up was Market Square, and a place that means a lot to us, Great Lakes Brewing Company. We became official, got engaged last October, and will marry next May at GLBC. Pictures there was a must! Those pics truly showcase us as a couple and was so much fun to do.  Ken had the fantastic idea to take pics in the square in the beautiful flower bed. We’re so happy with how it turned out!


kissing in the square

posing in the flower bed

kissing in the flower bed

engaged hands holding

gazing at my love

our legs amonst the flowers

great lakes brewing company sign

walking by great lakes brewing co

walking past great lakes brew co


pinky swear over beers

looking at Pat lovingly


laughing over drinks

kissing at great lakes

posing at great lakes


The next stop on our photo shoot was to Edgewater Beach! The weather was beautiful, the sunset was perfect, and by this point we almost forgot the camera was even there. I soaked up the summer breeze and the romantic vibe. While the pics above do a really great job showing the friendship and the fun between us, these really show the intimacy and the deep love we have for each other.


sunset shot

dancing on the rocks

dancing on the rocks again

our feet at the rocks

going in for a kiss

kissing me on the forehead

kissing me

kissing me


my fiance laughing

posing at edgewater


The last place for our photoshoot was Whiskey Island. Another special place for us, we were so excited to take pics there under the lights and with the boats in the background at sunset.


boats at whiskey island

walking at whiskey island

posing at whiskey island

kissing by the boats

happy and engaged

Hope you enjoyed looking through part 1 of our engagement photos! Special thanks to Ken Clunk from too much awesomeness for the stellar pics!

Make sure you follow him on Instagram at too much awesomeness and checkout the website here: too much awesomeness

Of course don’t forget to follow me and my random adventures on Twitter and Instagram at @ClevelandLeah. If you’re not already a subscriber, click to subscribe to my blog and my YouTube Channel!

Which pic is your fav? Comment below and let us know!



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  1. enannylink1 says:

    They are all so beautiful 💕 I have to say I love the ones by the Cleveland signs 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leah* says:

      Awe, thank you!!


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