Our Awesome Engagement Photos (Part 2)!

pinky swear forever

Thank you soooo much to everyone that reached out and commented on part 1 of our engagement photos! We felt all the love! If you missed it (or want to revisit it) you can check it out here Our Awesome Engagement Photos (Part 1)!  We had such a great time on this photo shoot, frolicking around Ohio City, Edgewater Beach and Whiskey Island. Seeing how beautiful and fun these turned out makes me even more excited for what’s to come with our wedding pics!

Without further adieu, more of our awesome engagement photos!

me and my love

us kissing

Leah smiling

me and my love

laughing in the grass

laughing down the street

more laughing down the street

green and pink flowers

talking at great lakes brew co

talking with my love

being us. laughing and ridiculous

toasting beers

us at edgewater beach

kissing me at sunset

our siluette

at the shoreline

kissing my neck

smiling to the camera

edgewater pier at sunset

posing in front of the boats at whiskey island


Hope you enjoyed looking through part 2 of our engagement photos! Special thanks to Ken Clunk from too much awesomeness for the fabulous pics!

Make sure you follow him on Instagram at too much awesomeness and checkout the website here: too much awesomeness

Don’t forget to follow me and my random adventures on Twitter and Instagram at @ClevelandLeah. If you’re not already a subscriber, click to subscribe to my blog and my YouTube Channel!

Which pic is your fav? Comment below and let us know!


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