Our Awesome Wedding Pics!

Our processional

We are so excited to share the fantastic pictures from our wedding day from Too Much Awesomeness! Ken and Angie, owners of Too Much Awesomeness, did such a fabulous job capturing the day and all the special details that went into it.

Although it was super windy, the weather was over all gorgeous! Well, at least until we were wrapping up pics on East 4th street and heading back to Great Lakes for the reception, then it started to sprinkle. Right as we returned to GLBC it started to rain. So we had the perfect weather for pictures, and the rain for good luck on our wedding day! For Cleveland, that’s pretty damn good!

Something  that was really important to us was that we stayed true to who we are as individuals and as a couple. Really personalize the day. So many bridal books and magazines I read suggested we have three main themes to help keep the look and feel cohesive, and it helps your vendors as well. For that we chose Industrial, Modern and Whimsical. That was a really fun to do together by the way- narrowing down three terms from a list of about 100! It’s definitely something I recommend if you’re beginning the wedding planning process. When it came to personalization there were three main things we had to incorporate: our love of Cleveland, our Irish and Polish heritages.

How we represented our beloved city of Cleveland….


The First Look

We knew pretty much right away after getting engaged (at Great Lakes Brewing Company during the Christmas Ale Tapping 2017!) that we wanted to do our first look at the Cleveland sign in Voinovich Park. Like I said, it was a really windy day, especially at the lake! But, it worked out with some incredible shots of the dress, veil and ribbons blowing in the breeze. Something not captured though, was that during some of the shots of just Patrick and I near the water a boater drove up towards the shore and started blasting bagpipe music for us. It was absolutely perfect, and whomever you are THANK YOU! That was also a nice (random) nod to our Irish heritage, which we’ll get to in a minute.


Picture Locations

Aside from the first look, other Cleveland spots we took photos at were the Lake/City Murals at W. 9th and Main, the Love Birds at West 25th Street, East 4th Street and Great Lakes.


The Seating Chart and Table Numbers

We have quite a few spots around the city that we love and frequent and decided to name each table after them. The spots were: Prosperity, Hotz, Hoopples, Muldoons, Lincoln Park Pub, Rock Hall, Geneva-on-the-Lake (ok, not CLE, but not far and we love it), Edgewater Beach, Whiskey Island, Botanical Gardens, Cleveland Museum of Art, Barrio, Little Italy, Ohio City.

Side note: I have to give a special shout-out to our close friend Cricket Agneberg for lending her super-talented skills to making all of our gorgeous floral arrangements. From boutonnieres to table accents everything was perfection!


Our Cake and Cake Topper

This is really CLE meets personal. The cake itself, done by the fantastic Cakes to You, had a graffiti-style Cleveland skyline made with my favorite kind of cake- confetti! The rest were these super cool cake push-up pops done in three different flavors. Think the Flintstones ice cream pops, but cake. Sooo delicious, so easy to eat and so unique! They really nailed the look and feel of what we were going for. We used the knife and serving set my parents used in their wedding to cut the cake! The cake topper (love it sooo much!) was made to look like us in our wedding attire but Patrick with his camera and I with my mic. The mic flag has a red heart where a logo/call letters would be. Swoon…

(Note: Only negative was that our amazing wedding planners at Oak + Honey had to glue the tripod before the reception, and Gladys (designer of the topper) forgot the K in Patrick. If that’s the worse to happen we’re fine….) Topper from HandcraftedGladys on ETSY.


Luck o’ the Irish 

To honor our Irish heritage the men donned kilts from Cleveland’s own Kilted Bros. Kilted Bros is also where we purchased the kilt pins and socks. In keeping with Irish wedding tradition we had: lavender in my bouquet and his boutonniere, ribbon wands and clover on the pins (and my shoes…stay tuned!). During the ceremony we did the traditional handfasting and Irish Blessing.


Total Polack

Anyone that knows me knows how proud I am to be Polish! To give a nod to my heritage we did the Polish wedding tradition where when entering the reception the mothers present us with bread and salt (meaning may your home always be in abundance) and a shot of vodka. Beer Barrel Polka joyfully played in the background! Whomever finished their vodka shot first wears the pants in the relationship. Great since neither one of us were wearing pants at this point LOL! Pat ended up finishing the shot before me, so I’ll let him think he wears the pants. For dinner we served really delicious pierogis from Great Lakes, and for dessert kolaczki’s from Cakes to You. We later busted out Who Stole the Kishka because…why wouldn’t we?!



The Personal Touch

Other personal touches include my star veil from Crown and Glory x Rock n’ Roll Bride. For those that don’t know, I have been signing my name with a star since I was a kid. I feel like Leah looks naked without it lol, and I just love stars. The flower girls had stars in their hair thanks to really cute headbands from Claire’s Boutique.


My stellar shoes from Ellie Wren! I had such a fun time with Kate (the designer) trying to figure out the exact design I wanted. My end goal was Prince purple heels with Bowie-esq stars and shamrocks underneath to surprise my love. Goal accomplished! I HIGHLY recommend Ellie Wren if you want personalized shoes. Same designers that did Good Morning America’s Ginger Zee’s gorgeous wedding shoes!


Handfasting Ribbons

Handfasting during a wedding ceremony is a Celtic tradition and where the term “tying the knot” comes from. We did ours with a ribbon from TheLonelyHeartCo on ETSY. We ordered ours to say I love you and I like you based off of the line between Ben and Leslie on Parks and Rec.


Just Married Sign

I have always known that one day when I got married I would have my dad create the Just Married sign. He had always been an artist and has done signs for others and used to paint race cars. So naturally as soon as we got engaged I asked him to make ours, and I wanted it like how my parents had been. Theirs was made to have them as the Love Is kids, and my pops did a wonderful job making us in that design. He also signed it ‘Retired’ so don’t expect to see any more from him anytime soon LOL.

There were so many wonderful and special moments- from getting ready to the first dances to the hotel lobby after party! THANK YOU to all of our family and friends for their love and support, and to all of our kick ass vendors for helping make it the perfect day!


Wanna see all the pics? Check this out from too much awesomeness on Vimeo!

Stay tuned for our highlight film from Vows to Video, and a special wedding week video from my best friend and bridesmaid Suzy Elsamanoudi! If you don’t already subscribe, sign up to get email alerts so you can get the latest posts. You can also follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @ClevelandLeah!

Comment below and let me know what you think, and if you have any questions about our big day (or advice if you’re planning one of your own)!



And THANK YOU so much again to Too Much Awesomeness for the fantastic pictures and being a part of our big day!

Leah* xo











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  1. Great pictures you guys got from your day, Leah!

    Love you both,

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    1. Leah* says:

      Thank you so much & thank you for being there! We ♥️ y’all!


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