Celebrities Disrupting the Traditional Wedding on The Bouquet Toss

Those that know me know I have a healthy obsession with celebrity weddings. As a little girl I remember staring for hours at pictures of Grace Kelly becoming the Princess of Monaco, Elizabeth Taylor at all of her weddings (I remember watching the 8th and final at Neverland Ranch to Larry Fortensky featured on Entertainment Tonight pretty vividly), Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola’s lavish Princess Diana-esq affair… basically if it was in People, Entertainment Tonight, E!, InStyle, etc. I studied it!

When my friend Jessica Bishop, founder of The Budget Savvy Bride, invited me to to be a guest on her podcast The Bouquet Toss you can imagine my excitement when she told me the topic of discussion would be ‘Even Celebrities Are Disrupting the Traditional Wedding.’ I had such a fantastic time deep-diving into the trends created by famous actors/actresses, musicians, models and (let’s be real) their creative teams, with Jessica and Sari Weinerman, Real Weddings Editor for Budget Savvy Bride!

My All-Time Fav Celeb Wedding- Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber, May 1998
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Tune in as Jessica, Sari and I nerd out over these fabulous weddings! https://open.spotify.com/episode/0bVRwomQ0KsBWrsMLggtVW?si=Vb_EcnZFT4WPGwRY4uLTcA&dl_branch=1&nd=1

Want to see pics from the weddings we mentioned? Check out my Celeb and Royal Wedding Pinterest Page!

Jessica Bishop, Founder, The Budget Savvy Bride

I was fortunate to have Jessica as a guest on Weddings Unveiled, lending her expertise on how you can save $$$ planning your big day! This is a must listen for anyone looking to have a great wedding without going into debt!

Weddings Unveiled: Money-Saving Tips from Jessica Bishop, Founder of The Budget Savvy Bride

Hope you enjoy The Bouquet Toss and Weddings Unveiled! Comment below and let us know YOUR favorite celebrity weddings!


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