Imposter Syndrome and Las Vegas Elopements

I first met Bianca Wulwick through this great website for podcasters called It helps connect people looking to find guests for their show, or be a guest on other podcasts. Her show Please Don’t Kick Me Out primarily focuses on imposter syndrome, a topic I find fascinating and have never really discussed publicly before. She is also a fellow pop culture nerd, so I had to reach out lol. We agreed to be on each other’s shows after a brief introduction, and since our recordings we have become friends. Bianca is an outgoing, funny, smart, and honest person, and I hope you get the chance to know her too!

Listen in to hear Bianca and I share personal life experiences, our mutual love for Elvis, and our take on Reality TV on this episode from Season 1 of Please Don’t Kick Me Out.

Bianca Wulwick, Host, Please Don’t Kick Me Out podcast

Bianca was then a guest on Weddings Unveiled, and shared with us how she made her dream of having a Las Vegas elopement come true- Elvis impersonator and all! She gives her advice for planning a destination wedding or elopement, why you should reeeeally consider who you invite, and how Drew Barrymore made her cry on national television (watch it HERE!).

Bianca Wulwick’s Las Vegas Elopement
Photo: Marcie G. Photography

Check out Bianca’s fun engagement and elopement story on Weddings Unveiled:

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Have a fun elopement story? Have you dealt with imposter syndrome? Comment below and let us know!


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