Letting Your Heart Heal


I remember after my first love and I broke up I was devastated. I couldn’t eat, I went out drinking everyday with friends to numb the pain and listened to the sappiest of songs. I remember being in fetal position on the floor sobbing to “Can We Still Be Friends” from Todd Rundgren, “Holding On To Yesterday” by Ambrosia and other depressing songs. After the break-up a few guys asked me out. Even though I knew I wasn’t over him I forced myself to go out with them. Sometimes it would be because he moved on so I had to too, while other times it would be just a distraction. These guys never really stood a chance. My heart was still taken. I went through the whole break-up cycle: depression, anger, sad again, then over it. My heart had finally felt open and free again! And when it was I met serious relationship number 2. I’m sure you can guess where that ended up going. Only the cycle went anger, then depression haha. I did the same pattern as the first relationship. Tried to move on before I was really ready and ended up still sad and my heart was not open.

There are rare moments I’m sure when you aren’t fully over your ex or the last relationship and meet someone you totally like. But do they really stand a chance? There’s no set time when getting over a relationship. It took 2 years for me to really be over my first love, a few months for the second. But everyone is different and every relationship is different. I just recommend if you have not moved on yet to find peace before you try to date and move on. That way you have a heart to expose and possibly give away and you don’t risk hurting someone elses.



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  1. Beautiful lesson…Move on. Thanks for sharing.


  2. The 18th letter says:

    It’s true. It’s different for each heart. Another great post. Keep them coming!!


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