Ways To Give Back In Cleveland


As I had mentioned in my blog Spiritually Fed, I recently covered the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Heartthrob Ball for TV20. It was a fabulous ball that may have been so much fun to attend (KC & the Sunshine band played!), but the sole purpose was to recognize the brave individuals that have been through so much at the Clinic,  and to raise money for the hospital so they can continue to provide the best for these children. If you would like to donate or find ways to volunteer, visit the website here: http://my.clevelandclinic.org/childrens-hospital/support/courageous-kids/default.aspx




Speaking of courage, a week ago today 3 missing women: Amanda Berry, Gina Dejesus and Michele Knight, were found and rescued. After 10 years of being held captive they are finally reunited with their families and free. But it will be a long road to recovery. Aside from sending prayers for these wonderful women (and child that was born from this), there is a Courage Fund set up to raise money to help them. With the Cleveland Foundation, the fund was created by Cleveland Council members Brian Cummins, Matt Zone and Dona Brady. 100% of donations will go to the survivors and their families. To donate please visit the website here: http://www.clevelandfoundation.org/about/cleveland-courage-fund/


Something I’m very proud to be able to do, and try to do at least once a year since I was 17, is donate blood to the American Red Cross. When you donate blood you are able to help save up to 3 lives. How amazing is that?! I am O+ which is a universal donor. Because of that I have always felt responsible to help since my blood type allows me to help all. I know not everyone is able to donate blood for various reasons, so even if you can’t you can still donate money or volunteer your time. In times of crisis (like recent situations Hurricane Sandy and the Boston Bombings), the American Red Cross comes to the aid of those effected. Let’s do what we can to help them! http://www.redcross.org/oh/cleveland



Lastly, and maybe a little more on the fun side of things, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Education program. When you buy your ticket to tour the museum (or buy a membership package!) you are giving money to help not only preserve music history, but help keep their education programs going. Thousands of students from all over Ohio, but especially Cleveland Municipal School District, learn so much from the Toddler Rock and Rockin’ The Schools programs. To get involved and find out more information, check out their website here: http://www.rockhall.com/education/


There are just a few ways we can help give back right here in our community. Let’s look out for each other!




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