The Hair Diaries


I’ve had my fair share of horror stories. When I was a kid my mom attempted to cut my hair and one side ended up much shorter than the other. When I was 9 I cut my own bangs, but instead of cutting below my fingers I cut above. They ended up so ridiculously short! Luckily The Cranberries were really popular so I tried to pass it off as if I was doing the Dolores O’Riordan look. My peers didn’t get it, but whatever. It made me feel a lil bit better till it grew out. Then in 1995 I wanted, like the rest of America, the “Rachel.” I had fine, stick-straight hair. My hair stylist warned me that with my hair it wouldn’t turn out right and that it’s a high maintenance ‘do. Well, I’m stubborn and wanted it so she gave it to me. She was right. It ended up like a mullet almost. Like I could be Joan Jett’s kid pretty much…but less rockin’. And it would’ve been way too high maintenance for a wash n’ go girl like me. Oy vey. Then, after a streak of good hair, when I was 19 I went in for an emergency trim at a Great Clips (or something like that) because I had a last-minute audition in the morning. This so-called stylist freaked me out by insisting that all drugstore shampoo’s have the same chemicals they use to embalm corpses, and proceed to hack 3 inches off my hair! I left bawling my eyes out. Lesson learned.

Ok, now hair horror stories aside, since that tragic moment 10 years ago I have been blessed with a lot of amazing stylists. The new problem? I feel like I’m cheating on them. I’m lucky in my line of work that I get to experience many different professional stylists because of photo shoots, advertizing, etc… But, again, I feel like I’m a cheat. I was seeing one stylist for a while because the company was sponsoring us. So, I was under contract. When the contract up I was free to go where ever. I couldn’t afford this particular stylist, so I went elsewhere. Found a great stylist and went with her till a new contract was drawn up for our new season. Left her to go where I had to. Found an awesome stylist at the salon, stuck til season was up, then moved on. You get the picture. I know I probably shouldn’t feel guilty, but I do. And I know this is a good problem to have, I could have far worse. But is this guilty feeling normal? That I don’t know.

So this blog isn’t just my conscience-cleansing exercise, but it’s a thank you to all the amazing hair stylists that have kept me from having bad hair in a long time and make me feel beautiful when I leave their chairs!

If anyone is looking for a fabulous hair stylist in the Cleveland, Ohio area I recommend any & all of the following:

Laura Bally at Dino Salon & Spa in Strongsville

Taylor Roby of Salon at Bratenahl Place

Alison Kramer at hq salon & spa AVEDA in Westlake

Joey of Jade Salon in Ohio City

Gary Mandalfino of Gary Mandalfino Salon on W.9th

Rosa at Dino Salon on W.6th

Casey at Always In Style in Parma

Tara at Color Nation in Rocky River




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  1. J-Rock says:

    think i could pull off “the Rachel”?


    1. Leah* says:

      Well, naturally you could 🙂


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