Everybody Wants To Be…


Wanted and Needed. Period. It is a scientific fact that everyone wants to be wanted and needed. It’s what leads relationships work, relationships to fail, or you can succeed or fail at work…its all about appreciation. Doesnt matter if you’re 2, 22, or 82. Everyone wants to be wanted, needed, appreciated.

So, my reminder to you today (and to myself) is to tell people how much you appreciate them. Tell your parents you need them even if you are long past the age of 18. Tell your kids you love them. Tell your significant other how much you appreciate them and need them. Let’s put ego to the side for a second. The whole “I don’t need anyone!” mentality. We all need and want. It does not make us weak. Maybe vulnerable, which believe me IS scary, but not weak. You will make their day, which will make you in turn feel good.

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