Put Down The Scalpel.

Photo courtesy of Huffington Post


Huffington Post Celebrity recently showed a picture of what the always beautiful Heather Locklear looks like now (see above). On the left is a picture of her 20 years ago as the sexy and conniving Amanda Woodward on Melrose Place. To the right is a current picture of her. Still pretty, but clearly much fuller lips and cheeks, and at about 50 a little too smooth of a forehead. She is another member (or victim, however you look at it) of the plastic surgery club. Another recent case is TV actress Lark Voorhies who played Lisa Turtle on Saved By The Bell. Her new look was not only completely shocking, but you couldn’t even recognize her! It made headlines everywhere, and the scrutiny she must face is something I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. But why did she mess with her face to begin with? The pressure in Hollywood is obviously insane. Everyone has to stay looking young and sexy. But, it’s not just pressure in Hollywood anymore either. Look around your own hometown. How many women have breast implants now? Let me be clear, I’m not criticizing. I have many friends that have breast augmentation, but as a society we are now taught that huge boobs are what make a woman attractive. Even the teenagers are getting boob jobs for crying out loud! And they’re not even done developing! Botox is just as popular somehow too. I don’t understand why you would want to inject Botulism into your brain or be expressionless. I personally think you should know when I’m pissed off, happy or sad. And, hey actors/actresses: Expressions on your face is kinda important for your job. Unless you’re playing a robot. Just sayin’.

The plastic surgery madness isn’t limited to just women. Mickey Rourke and the late Michael Jackson are the obvious first men you think of. Talk about drastic! Mickey was so sexy in 9 1/2 Weeks, and now he’s completely unrecognizable. Michael…well. Anyways, there are other cases of famous men. Look at current pictures of Tom Jones, Kenny Rogers, Pete Burns (of the 80s band Dead or Alive), Bruce Jenner, Burt Reynolds…I could continue, but I’ll let you just Google more examples. It’s such a shame. All of them-both the men and women-were blessed with good looks. But due to pressure, society, issues with aging, insecurity…they felt the need to augment their bodies.

What is considered beautiful obviously ranges by region, trends, time period, etc… At one point being anorexic was hot, then back to curvaceous. Looking manly with wrinkles and calluses was hot (hello Steve McQueen!), then being “Metrosexual” was the rage (thanks Backstreet Boys). One marketing campaign I have loved since they started it is the Dove Real Women campaign. Celebrating all shapes, sizes, ethnicities. That’s how it should be! We should be embracing our bodies, our differences. I know how incredibly hard it is. Believe me, I’m trying to practice what I’m preaching. We all have our days. But I know I don’t want to take a knife to my body to change it either. If changing yourself through surgery is something that will really truly make you happy who am I to judge, but you hopefully look deeper into your reasons before doing it.

So let’s make it our campaign to appreciate what we have. Maybe Hollywood will follow our trend and start aging as gracefully as Kathrine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, and Paul Newman did. And as beautiful women Joanne Woodward and Jamie Lee Curtis are. We are all beautiful in our own way.

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  1. jkerezy says:

    Great blog post Leah. What message do we send to young people, especially young girls, when our society gets so obsessed with how we look on the outside? What matters most is what is in our hearts, and what makes up our character. Thanks for the good read!


    1. Leah* says:

      Thank you so much! And that’s thing, as if there isnt enough pressure growing up, not they want girls to look like caricatures of themselves. I hope the pendulum swings the other direction soon!


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