Back To Yoga!


Yesterday I went back to yoga for the first time in months. I didn’t realize how much I needed it till I finally went. Shakthi, my instructor, is amazing! He teaches yoga in a way that helps to make me focus. No offense to other instructors I have had, but I’m so in my head that I can never fully relax. I’ll be doing the motions, but making my mental to-do list still. Clearly, that defeats the purpose of yoga! But Shakthi is able to make me focus on the motions, my body, clearing my head of the daily crap. I didn’t realize till yesterday how much my daily stress has been effecting my body and my life. The Inner Peace yoga class isn’t just about strengthening your body, but trying to get you to a sense of peace and even enlightenment. I did feel more peace after. Today people even have said they see a glow around me, like I’m fully relaxed. The class had to get me to that point, but I finally made the peace with myself. I can’t wait to go back again tomorrow!


If you’re in the Cleveland area and looking for a yoga studio, I highly recommend attending The Studio on W.10th.

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  2. So glad that Yoga helped cleanse your body, mind, and soul. You definitely had a glow about you today, even more so than usual. 🙂


  3. So glad yoga helped cleanse your body, mind, and soul. And you did have a glow about you today, even more so than usual. 🙂


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