Why Stay With Abuse?


Huffington Post is reporting today that once again Rihanna and Chris Brown were spotted kissing (see: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/27/rihanna-chris-brown-back-together-kissing-report_n_1709638.html ). After everything that has gone down in the press- the original images of Rihanna with a black eye, Chris’s public apology, the back and forth relationship….at some point you think she would get some sense and stop dating him. What is it about abusive relationships that make it hard to walk away? If they’re threatening to kill you I can see that as being a fearful reason, but aside from that why do so many women stay? I’ve been in a verbally and emotionally abusive relationship before. There is nothing fun or rewarding about it and it is a waste of time. I left after dealing with it for a few months, but why did I even put it up with it for that long? I had enough sense to recognize he was a jerk, but why did I think my “love” would solve the problem? It didn’t, cause he clearly didn’t love me. I know where I went wrong, and DEFINITELY learned from it (not putting up with that again!), but what about the women that stay in the relationship for years. Years of having your self-esteem demolished, your body bruised, your heart broken…what are they getting from it? Are they afraid there’s no one else? Addicted to the drama? I’m not exactly BFF with Rihanna, and don’t know their full story, but if there was abuse and their relationship never sticks, why does she-like many others-go back? It is not a positive message Rihanna is sending to other women, and not healthy for herself.

Hopefully if you or someone you know is going through an abusive situation, or you were in one and are finding yourself looking at the good times more than the bruises and harsh words, find a support system. You deserve far more than the garbage you put up with…



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