West Side Market Centennial Celebration!

West Side Market Centennial Celebration

This past Sunday, October 7th marked the second of three celebrations the West Side Market is having for its Centennial Birthday! They had a great parade down Lorain avenue and W.25th street, as well as a Hot Dog competition, musical acts, children’s playground and food from local vendors.






















I was there not only as a West Side Market fan, but also covering the event for TV20 Cleveland. I interviewed Councilmen Joe Cimperman, who along with many others in the district helped put on the event. We discussed the importance of the West Side Market and how it truly is a National Treasure. After our interview Councilmen Cimperman and his family released a Dove in the middle of Market Square. That was a very cool, random experience!


Councilman Joe Cimperman and his family releasing the Dove


I then headed inside the West Side Market which was completely packed! Despite our crappy, rainy weather thousands of people still came out to participate in the days festivities which was so great to see. A men’s choir sang from the balcony overlooking the market while people flocked to get their goodies.



Speaking of goodies, I was finally done working and got to participate myself! I enjoyed some Pumpkin Ales from Market Garden Brewery and the brand new Nano Brew (formerly Garage Bar). Nano is a really nice, new micro brewery. I was impressed, but not surprised since I’m a fan of Sam McNulty’s restaurants. Then I headed back outside and had a delicious burger from Heck’s cafe. I took that beautiful picture of it on my iPhone!



Then back over to Market Square where Councilman Joe Cimperman was hosting a Hot Dog eating contest featuring 3 hot dogs from local vendors. Johnny’s was the wiener winner!


Hot Dog Contest Judges


Following the Hot Dog contest was the official lighting of the West Side Market clock tower! Such a beautiful sight to see and as a life-long proud Clevelander I welled up and beamed with joy.

















Over all it was such a fun day and experience and I hope to be able to go to the final Centennial celebration, a Gala they are holding next month. For my full coverage of this event stay tuned to TV20 Cleveland and check out the official TV20 blog at tv20cleveland.com!


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