Is Celebrating It’s 1st Birthday!

Photo courtesy of Shannon Textoris Photography


Happy Birthday to me!! Ok, well not me (I’m an April baby), but my blog is officially a year old! Thank you so much to everyone that follows me (I promise, I’ll be better about sharing my antics, my opinion and what’s going on…), my family and my friends. It certainly has been a crazy year! When I started this blog I was just a few months into Broadcasting school and trying to juggle it along with work and internships. Then I finally graduated, went on a long over due vacation and watched my baby brother get hitched. I have tried Ariel Ribbon workouts, dyed my hair blonde (which I swore I’d never do), tried breaking an arrow with my neck (yes, seriously) and finally landed full-time work in television. I have made so many amazing new friends, had my heart infatuated and broken a few times and have found myself along the process. I have gone from one extreme to the other, and all along this bumpy road I have been having a wonderful journey. So here is to another fabulous year in the Life With Leah*!!

Cheers! xo


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