Goodwill Good Style Fashion Show 2013


goodwill me


This past Thursday I attended the Goodwill Good Style Fashion Show, held at Windows on the River & the Cleveland Aquarium for an upcoming episode of my show Listen Up Cleveland. Featuring collections from various Northeast Ohio Bloggers, they showed how you can create 10 fabulous outfits by shopping at Goodwill and for under $100! You can’t beat $10 an outfit!

But there’s more to it than getting a great deal. When you shop at Goodwill you are helping someone else get a chance to learn great skills. You are helping out your community. Goodwill helps connect those that need help to get education, job placement, parenting programs and much more! They had mannequins with cool outfits placed around the Aquarium that showed not only how much the outfit cost, but how buying helps someone else.


goodwill 1


The other really great part of watching the show was that it inspired me to go play in my closet and get more creative again. I mean, how often do any of us say “I have nothing to wear!” That’s not really true, there’s plenty. It’s just a matter of not being creative.


goodwill 2goodwill 3goodwill goddesses

So thank you The Fashion Wheel, Dinas Days, Midwest Muse, The Cosmopolitan Clevelander, Downtown on 7th Avenue, Abby & Elle of Upstairs Fashion, for the birds and everyone else that participated for inspiring me with your fun, innovative and creative collections!

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