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Listen Up Cleveland Episode 10 debuted last week! I was at the beautiful Cleveland Museum of Art for two fantastic events. First I was at the highly popular Friday Monthly MIX event where this time they teamed up with Tri-C Jazz Fest. Then check out one of the best fashion shows in town when United Way of Greater Cleveland hosted their annual Rock The Catwalk in the Museum’s Atrium!



SITC Montage


Then of course one of the best experiences of both my life and career was creating the Summer In The City Restaurant Special with my best friend and colleague Patrick Longbrake. The special premiered a few weeks ago, but you can now view it anytime you want on both the TV20 YouTube Channel and my personal one. Seven amazing restaurants you need to check out right here in CLE! Let me know if you get to try any of them (hopefully all of them!)!


Summer In The City Restaurant Special!

SITC Montage


After months of planning & hard work, the TV20 Summer In The City Restaurant Special myself and Patrick “Rudy” Longbrake have been working on finally debuts! Tune in this week (starting today!) at 9:30am, 4:30pm and 10:30pm to learn about 7 amazing Cleveland restaurants you must check out! The special will run all throughout the summer so stay tuned each week to the TV20 schedule!

Those with Time Warner Cable in Cleveland can find us on Channel 20. AT&T U-Verse can find us at Channel 99-Cleveland. And of course you can watch right from your computer at this link:

*I would like to thank all of the participating restaurants, as well as my family and friends for their love and support. And a huge thank you to our boss, Kathy Allen, for letting us create this special!

Here is a listing of the fantastic restaurants we feature:










Bistro 185



PJ McIntyres



Vino Veritas



Sunset Grille


*Let us know what you think of the special, and hope you get to try all 7 spots!

A Fabulous February!

February is generally associated with love because of Valentine’s Day, and this month one of the greatest love’s of my life came into the world-my niece Khloe Olivia was born on February 4th! I am over the moon about her and can’t wait to hold her when I get to visit my family soon!

Khloe Olivia Haslage!

Khloe Olivia Haslage!

Khloe's First Professional Photoshoot!

Khloe’s First Professional Photo shoot!

Then to spread the love, I participated in the Cupid’s Undie Run on February 15th. Cupid’s Undie Run is not just getting to run around in your undies lol, it raises money and awareness for the Children’s Tumor Foundation. I set a goal to raise $500, and thanks to my amazing family and friends I reached my goal! To top it off, Dan Gilbert (owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers) matched my goal (and any runner that made a goal of $500+ and succeeded!)! I had so much fun not only seeing so many of my friends and covering it for work, but seeing thousands of people willing to come out in their underwear in 18 degree weather to do their part to help children in need. Cupid’s Undie Run takes place all over the U.S. If you would like more information or to get involved visit

Freezin' For A Reason!  Photographer: Michael S. Krokey

Freezin’ For A Reason!
Photographer: Michael S. Krokey

Cupid's Undie Run Cleveland! Photographer: Michael S. Krokey

Cupid’s Undie Run Cleveland! (I’m the Mohawk hat and wings in the middle!)
Photographer: Michael S. Krokey


A few days before Cupid’s’ Undie I had the pleasure of doing a radio interview on the Russell Reed Show on It was great to talk about Life With Leah, media and to have the opportunity to promote my Cupid’s Undie Run Fundraising page. I have to publicly thank Russell again for the opportunity. It helped me to raise so much money for the kids! He’s a great guy, and I can’t wait to be on the show again. Check him out on daily! If you would like to check out my interview with Russell Reed click the link here:


Orchid Mania kicked off at one of my favorite places in Cleveland, the Cleveland Botanical Gardens! I’m always like a giddy little girl when I go to the gardens, and they do such a wonderful job with their seasonal events. Orchid Mania doesn’t just showcase a variety of gorgeous Orchids, but it also features an Interior Designer Showcase. If you’re interested in checking it out-and I highly recommend you do!-it goes until March 9th!



Now to rest up. My next adventure awaits!

Hope you’re having a Fabulous February!!


Life With Leah* In 2013

Photo by Kevin Richards (@studiokmr), January 2013

Photo by Kevin Richards (@studiokmr), January 2013

A fun, more fearless 2013 is a great (though very Cosmo way) of describing this past year. Entering the new decade, I feel more enlightened and proud of what I’ve both succeeded and failed at. One of the absolute biggest highlights of the year was finding out I’m going to be an Aunt! Khloe will be born at the start of 2014 so I already have something big to look forward to!

My family and me at Baby Khloe's Baby Shower!

My family and me at Baby Khloe’s Baby Shower!

But before I start getting into the excitement of the new year, here is a look back at my 2013.

There are Goals for the year and general bucket list that I finally accomplished this year (in no particular order):

1. Made it to California!

First stop on my arrival!

First stop on my arrival!

*It only took 30 years, but I made it out west & loved it! I have a fear of flying, but when I boarded the plane I was beyond excited and ready to get to the other side of the country. And to finally see my best friend in person for the first time in three years! The trip was not only a much-needed vacation and girl time, but being away from it all gave me a chance to focus on myself and reassess my wants and needs in life.

2. Stand Up Paddle Boarding!

blog 2013t

*I have visualized getting up on the board for a few years now, but between life happening and Cleveland weather I hadn’t had a chance. Then this year my friend Norm helped get up on a board and accomplish another goal. Being out on Lake Erie, just me on the board, paddling further from the shore…I can’t fully put into words how it feels. I just felt…free. And like Gidget.

3. Became An Anchor!

Blog 2013f

*After spending a year happily as a reporter and producing and hosting my show Listen Up Cleveland for TV20 I was completely shocked when I returned from California to get the news from my boss that I was being promoted to Anchor! All those years as a kid playing Murphy Brown, Oprah and Today Show has officially paid off.

4. Go to Therapy.

You won't find a pic of me in therapy, but this is from my photoshoot with Kevin Richards, January 2013

You won’t find a pic of me in therapy, but this is from my photo shoot with Kevin Richards, January 2013

*Entering my 30’s I felt it was time to face any and all baggage and issues I’ve been facing or holding on to. BEST DECISION EVER. You know, we go for yearly physical check-ups, but never the mental and emotional kind. I feel better and stronger for going on a few sessions. If you have been contemplating it, I highly recommend you go. You are not weak for going, you are brave. Anyone that tells you otherwise clearly is someone who needs time in the chair themselves.

5. Ran My First 5k.



*If you happen to have read my blog about my Marathon experience then you know it was something I never thought I would get to do. Not only do I still feel so proud of myself for doing it, I’m already planning more 5k’s (and possibly move on up to 10) in 2014!

Then there were the fabulous, random life experiences that happened. (Again, in no particular order)

1. I turned 30! (ok, so that’s not random, but it is fabulous!)

blog 2013aa

2. Andy Cohen read my tweet on air during his show Watch What Happens!

3. As if that wasn’t nerdy enough for you: Michael Bolton, Cindi Leive, Kristen Dos Santos all tweeted me this year. I still am over the moon about Bolton. And he did it to me twice 😉

4. Finally met Cleveland legend Michael Stanley!

With Michael Stanley

With Michael Stanley


5. I made it in All About Beer Magazine with the pics my friend Michael Krokey took from the World of Beer event I covered. And they loved my news piece so much they want to use it for promotional purposes. Double Score!

blog 2013hh

6. When in California I took Cardio Barre with Minnie Driver and never knew it. Shows that A) celebs really do just blend in out in Cali and B) I really am oblivious half the time cause I live in my own world.

blog 2013m

7. I got to be an extra in the new Katie Holmes movie and filmed my scene with Designing Woman herself-Jean Smart! Look for my possible cameo in Miss Meadows in 2014!

8. I dressed up as Lisa Loeb in the ‘Stay’ video for Halloween and tagged her in my pic and she totally Instagrammed it to her followers.

From Lisa Loeb's Instagram

From Lisa Loeb’s Instagram

9. Made it on the side of RTA buses with my TV20 family!

blog 2013u

10. When I was at the Burning River Fest Tower City Lights turned purple just for me 🙂

blog 2013s

11. Finally saw KEM perform and met him!

blog 2013h

12. Plunged into the frozen waters of Lake Erie for the Polar Bear Plunge

blog 2013dd

But the most important are the life & love lessons I’ve learned:

1. Look at things from other angles.

*I have been guilty as charged at only looking at my own perspective. Not at all things, I am a very compassionate person, but when it comes to my issues or personal dilemmas I only see it from my perspective. My hurt or angry feelings. Someone can say something and it can mean a few different things, it’s all in how you look at it. I was only ever looking at one side and not the other angles. This lesson has changed my perspective in a big way.

2. If you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.

*When I’ve wanted to accomplish something, see someone, be at an event…When Ive really wanted it I found a way. When I didn’t care all that much (or let fear take hold) I’d find an excuse. And though I already knew that about myself, it was this year I started seeing it with others. Eyes wide open from this quote and applying it to relationships- not just business and goals.

3. Others problems are not your own.

*If you read my blog piece last year about getting rid of energy vampires then you know this has been a struggle for me. I feel others emotions. Their vibes good or bad radiate to me and it can start to affect my mood. Its part of the reason I always try to be a happy, optimistic person. I want to radiate that and make people want to be that way too. But I have to finally come to terms that just really isn’t always the case. And one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced this year is I can’t solve everyone’s problems or make everyone happy.

4. The power of letting go.

*Letting go of people and dreams are both so scary, but I’ve learned how freeing it can be to let go and let God. I haven’t fully accomplished this yet. It’s definitely a process when you’re a bit of a control freak that wants to save the world, but I’m getting there.

At the top of Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles. Sept., 2013

At the top of Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles. Sept., 2013


I’m sure there are other big accomplishments, fun adventures and things I’ve learned that I’m forgetting (or choosing to keep to myself), but here is at least a taste of 2013 in the Life of Leah*. Thank you so much for reading and following (and if you don’t already follow, please do cause there will be a lot more to come in 2014!). I wish you a new year filled with Love, Adventure, Peace, Prosperity and most of all….Happiness. God Bless.    XOXO, Leah*


Chopping my hair off to start off the New Year. Thanks to my friend & stylist Taylor Roby! January, 2013

Chopping my hair off to start off the New Year. Thanks to my friend & stylist Taylor Roby! January, 2013

Valentine's Day with my girls Kiki and Megan

Valentine’s Day with my girls Kiki and Megan

Covering Brite Winterfest

Covering Brite Winterfest

Celebrating Dyngus Day! April, 2013

Celebrating Dyngus Day! April, 2013

In Los Angeles with my besties Heather and Suzy!

In Los Angeles with my besties Heather and Suzy!

Booze and I in L.A.

Booze and I in L.A.

Me and my pseudo-sister Heather

Me and my pseudo-sister Heather

Celebrating my 30th Birthday with my TV20 family! April, 2013

Celebrating my 30th Birthday with my TV20 family! April, 2013

1 year Anniversary with my OCB peeps!

1 year Anniversary with my OCB peeps!

Feast of the Assumption with my best friend Suzy!

Feast of the Assumption with my best friend Suzy!

Abbie and me at the Cupid's Undie Run beach party! September 2013

Abbie and me at the Cupid’s Undie Run beach party! September 2013

Emceeing the Tri-C Culinary Challenge at the IX Center

Emceeing the Tri-C Culinary Challenge at the IX Center

Celebrating the premiere of Chef Hodgson on Next Food Network Star! June, 2013

Celebrating the premiere of Chef Hodgson on Next Food Network Star! June, 2013

My home away from home

My home away from home

The Rolling Stone exhibit at the Rock Hall while partying at Chef Jam!

The Rolling Stone exhibit at the Rock Hall while partying at Chef Jam!

Listen Up Cleveland Episode 7!

Orchestra Me


A place you wouldn’t expect to hear the Cleveland Orchestra is at 78th Street Studios in Gordon Square District. A hip space known for its art galleries, many members of the Orchestra gathered to hold special performances here, along with other restaurants and spaces in the area. I was there to find out what it meant to some of the musicians to play outside of Severance Hall and the other programs they are involved in.




Then meet talented Cleveland-based fashion bloggers and see their latest collections at the Goodwill Goodstyle Fashion show! The show was not only a reminder how fun (and affordable!) thrifting can be, but you get to learn more about Goodwill and why it is such a wonderful organization.



So tune in today thru Monday morning at 5:30am, 8:30am and 8:30pm Est time! Don’t get TV20 with your cable provider? No worries, just click the link here to watch from your computer via the TV20 live stream:

A BIG Accomplishment

rnr marathon me morning


I’ll never forget my first sports-induced asthma attack. I was in the 7th grade running the mile run for the Presidential Physical Fitness Testing. In case you’re not familiar with this, it was something held at the end of the school year where you competed in various activities (sit-up, pull-ups, Mile run…) and could win awards for it. (It’s still around, check out more info here: I was always an active child, and could run pretty fast (even if I looked like an Ostrich…thanks Dad), but half-way through my run I was suddenly light-headed and could feel my chest tightening. I couldn’t catch my breath and had to stop. I walked the rest of the way, scared and pissed off I couldn’t finish the race. Within a week from that moment my mother took me to the doctor and I was diagnosed with sports induced asthma. Had to get an inhaler and watch my intensity during sports. So, from that moment I gave up on the idea of running.

This year with turning 30 I decided to add ‘Do a Marathon’ on my list of yearly goals. I did not want asthma to stop me, once and for all. Over the summer I covered the National Senior Games, and one of the participants was a woman over the age of 80 with severe asthma who was competing in Track & Field. As soon as I saw that I knew  I had to find a race to participate in. Then lo and behold the Rock n’ Roll Marathon announced it was coming to Cleveland, and it was including a 5k (perfect for a beginner like me!). There really could not have been a better first marathon for me to attempt.

So, already an avid power walker, I decide to slowly incorporate running and jogging to my workout. Just enough so I wouldn’t become light-headed and completely winded. As I trained myself I found that I was going longer and longer in between my jogging and running before feeling too winded. I also had it in my head that as God as my witness I was going to do this.

Yesterday was race day, and I was stoked to finally do this! I wasn’t the least bit nervous. I had it in my head that I was not only going to do this without dying, but that I was going to make it to the finish line by my goal time of 45 min. I did intervals just like when training, but every time I passed cheerleaders, friends and family members of the racers or bands I got that extra push to run more and run faster! Before I knew it the finish line was in sight. It felt so incredible to cross the finish line! For the last 17 years I was convinced I would never get to run another race because I had asthma. That excuse is gone. I have proven to myself I can do it (and at 30!), and accomplished another goal for the year! Now im thinking about doing the Cleveland 10k in the Spring. Suck it asthma!


rnr marathon me

Me, post race with my Medal!

rnr marathong jess and gavin

With my friend Jessie Henderson at the post race Gavin DeGraw concert

rnr marathon archie

With my friend Archie from the 87.7 morning show