I Forgot How To Breathe.

I know, you think that’s absurd. “Um, wouldn’t you be dead then?” is what you’re probably thinking. But seriously, how often do you really breathe? I mean, inhale slowly and deeply through the nose, followed by exhaling completely through the mouth. I forgot how to do it! Life has been so crazy, stressful, challenging, etc…that I think I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown! Then a friend reminded me of the simplest thing I could do –Just Breathe. Suddenly its like a weight is lifted. Things may get tough, or hectic, but when you breathe a real breath (or 2 or 3…) it’s a natural reliever. That in turn reminded me that I havent done yoga, run on a treadmill or danced around in weeks! No wonder I was going crazy! Prayer helps, friends & family help, but there’s nothing like taking the breath God gave you to get you centered again. Now, time for me to shake my tailfeather & follow it with some yoga…and breathing! Namaste.

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