I Heart Inspiration Boards

As a kid I used to make collages in the livingroom with my dad. I’d cut out pics of my favorite bands and artists from Circus, Metal Edge, Rolling Stone Magazine, etc… I’d make a music themed collage on poster board and hang it up in my room. Then a few years down the road when I was a teenager my aunt gave a beautiful birthday gift. It was a collage of different things that make up me and my personality in a shadowbox. It fits me perfectly. It has pictures of daisies, city life, Audrey Hepburn and other words, phrases and designs that describe me. Then a few years ago that shadowbox inspired me to make collages (framed and on scrapbook paper) for family and friends as Christmas presents. Extremely time-consuming, and totally worth it. Especially since I was going through a very difficult period in my life at that time, so it helped to focus me. In the process of making theirs I began to do some on the side for myself. It was great therapy. They became not only images that embody parts of my personality, but also things I want. Things I hope for and dream about. Trips to Paris and tropical islands, owning a Vespa, kissing a man I love, wearing a sexy gown by Versace or Monique Lhuillier… my collages were becoming my inspiration boards. When I moved into my apartment in March 2010 I decided to take my inspiration board to the next level. Instead of hanging up framed pics around my office area I took pictures from magazines (much like my framed versions) and just started taping them around my desk area. Very much like a designer would do in their studios. Fast forward two years later and the inspiration wall has turned into inspiration walls, covering both sides of my office area and foyer. Since I started doing it though these dreams have been slowly coming to fruition. When you see images of things you want, need, deserve, aspire for…how can it not affect your daily life? It gives me an even bigger drive! Yes, I will travel the world! Yes, I will be financially prosperous! Yes, I will be successful in my career and in love! You have to stay positive and hopeful. My inspiration walls do this for me. Then came Pinterest. Now I can have my inspiration walls on the go?! Genius! So even when at the desk at work, or saved on my phone to look at when having a bad day-there are my dreams and goals. Pinterest goes even a step further-we can inspire each other!! Sharing not only these dreams and goals, but recipes and decorating tips. Yes!

So go get inspired! DREAM, HOPE, BELIEVE!

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