Time To Play!!

I love summer! It’s the time of the year I feel myself come totally alive. I feel happier and prettier with my naturally bronzed skin, flip-flops, sipping wine on the patio with friends…but one of my absolute favorite things about summer are all the different things to do outside! I’ve made a list of a few outdoor activities I have yet to try, that this summer is a must do! If you’ve tried any of them then your opinions/advice/tips are much appreciated!

1. Paddleboarding. Not only does it look like a great new challenge for me, but a really good core workout.

2. Kayaking.

3. Archery.

4. Boxing. Ok, technically not an outdoor activity, but I want to try.

5. 5k/Marathon. Never have attempted it, and because I have sports-induced asthma I’m ready for the challenge!

6. Trapeze. I can not for the life of me find one here in Cleveland, but if I have to make a special trip to Manhattan (or whatever other city offers it) to try it, I finally will!

~Those are just some of the activities I’ve never tried. But there are so many that I love to do, especially this time of year! Maybe I can inspire you to go out and do some of them!

1. Hula Hooping. I’m not kidding either. I do it year round in my home, but nothing beats being on the beach with my hula hoop! I feel like im Gidget, and I get a core workout while im at it!

2. Batting Cages/Softball. Whether its blowing off steam or working on my arms at the cages, or getting a group of friends together for a game. Love it!

3. Sunrise Yoga. I not only feel centered with myself, but with nature. Perfect way to get the day started!

4. Volleyball. Especially sand volleyball.

5. Hiking. There are so many cool trails throughout our MetroParks that you have to check them out! And I cant wait to go!

6. Horseback Riding.

7. Tennis.

8. Swimming.

9. Frisbee/Ultimate Frisbee.

10. Water Skiing.

11. White Water Rafting.

12. Biking.

13. Zip Line.

14. Fishing.

15. Boot camp Workout.

The weather is nice again so get out there and have fun!

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