Joy In Random Moments

I’m generally not one for making plans. Granted I have to in some way on a daily basis-we all do. This week I had many things planned. But even the few things that technically went accordingly didn’t really go accordingly. The great surprises that came out this week (so far) not only has made me so happy, but was a testament in my faith in Christ as well. I had been praying for peace, for forgiveness, for answers. The Lord was definitely listening.

It started on Monday when I thought I had a packed day filled with errand running and some work. But things didn’t go according to my plan, and so at the last moment when driving towards home I decided to surprise my great-aunt who lives in my old neighborhood. She’s in her late 70s now and we are very close, but I rarely get to see her anymore. I’m so grateful things fell apart that day so I could spend the afternoon drinking coffee and talking to her. Life is so short and family comes first to me so I feel lucky I could have that moment. The next night I had a dinner to attend and afterwards I thought I would grab a drink with my girlfriends. But they decided to go somewhere I was not in the mood to go to. So I walked alone and stopped into a restaurant that I not only love, but I know the owner so I thought I’d stop in to say hi. As I walked into the door, to my surprise was a gentleman I’ve worked with in the past. He was not in a good mood so I sat chit chatting with him for a few minutes. We randomly decided to take a walk, and that random idea turned into one of the nicest and most fun nights I’ve had in a while. We walked all over town talking about life and work and anything else. I walked through a sprinkler and laughed a lot. We bonded as if we really were old friends. He-without even really trying-helped give me perspective on life & love and by the time I went home I felt a peace that I had been hoping for. Like I finally could just let go of everything. The next morning at my hair appointment my friend and stylist Taylor was telling me about these fun temporary tattoos she has been giving out. Just for fun she put one on my foot. Pink, glittery lips! So silly and simple, but now when I look down at my feet I can’t help but get giddy and giggle. So random and unplanned, but so fun! And a great conversation piece. More things unfolded throughout the day-which I’ll keep to myself-but I’ll just say this: the best revenge really is being happy and successful, new friendships turn up unexpectedly and wonderfully and we really are all connected in some way.

So I encourage you to be a little more flexible with your plans today. Never know what new path will come up that will lead you to joy!


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  1. Tom Weschler says:

    You’re everywhere on the ‘scene’ these days.
    About your story: I remember a fabulous night
    in Cleveland just about a year ago walking with
    a special friend who knew the streets and
    places so well I felt at home ! And when you’re
    away from your actual home that’s the best
    way to feel! Thanks!


    1. Leah* says:

      Tom that was such a fun night!! I’m glad you had just as much fun! Come back to Cleveland soon!!


  2. Thanks for your insight. Its always good to take life’s surprises as they come, feel free to follow some impulses, and see where the forces in the universe take us.

    Thanks again.



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