A Fabulous February!

February is generally associated with love because of Valentine’s Day, and this month one of the greatest love’s of my life came into the world-my niece Khloe Olivia was born on February 4th! I am over the moon about her and can’t wait to hold her when I get to visit my family soon!

Khloe Olivia Haslage!
Khloe Olivia Haslage!
Khloe's First Professional Photoshoot!
Khloe’s First Professional Photo shoot!

Then to spread the love, I participated in the Cupid’s Undie Run on February 15th. Cupid’s Undie Run is not just getting to run around in your undies lol, it raises money and awareness for the Children’s Tumor Foundation. I set a goal to raise $500, and thanks to my amazing family and friends I reached my goal! To top it off, Dan Gilbert (owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers) matched my goal (and any runner that made a goal of $500+ and succeeded!)! I had so much fun not only seeing so many of my friends and covering it for work, but seeing thousands of people willing to come out in their underwear in 18 degree weather to do their part to help children in need. Cupid’s Undie Run takes place all over the U.S. If you would like more information or to get involved visit cupidsundierun.org

Freezin' For A Reason!  Photographer: Michael S. Krokey
Freezin’ For A Reason!
Photographer: Michael S. Krokey
Cupid's Undie Run Cleveland! Photographer: Michael S. Krokey
Cupid’s Undie Run Cleveland! (I’m the Mohawk hat and wings in the middle!)
Photographer: Michael S. Krokey


A few days before Cupid’s’ Undie I had the pleasure of doing a radio interview on the Russell Reed Show on voiceitradio.com. It was great to talk about Life With Leah, media and to have the opportunity to promote my Cupid’s Undie Run Fundraising page. I have to publicly thank Russell again for the opportunity. It helped me to raise so much money for the kids! He’s a great guy, and I can’t wait to be on the show again. Check him out on voiceitradio.com daily! If you would like to check out my interview with Russell Reed click the link here:



Orchid Mania kicked off at one of my favorite places in Cleveland, the Cleveland Botanical Gardens! I’m always like a giddy little girl when I go to the gardens, and they do such a wonderful job with their seasonal events. Orchid Mania doesn’t just showcase a variety of gorgeous Orchids, but it also features an Interior Designer Showcase. If you’re interested in checking it out-and I highly recommend you do!-it goes until March 9th! http://www.cbgarden.org/



Now to rest up. My next adventure awaits!

Hope you’re having a Fabulous February!!


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