A MUCH Needed Vacation

So I just got back yesterday from a fantastic 11 day trip to Virginia Beach. I was there primarily for my brother Tommy and his now wife Mandy’s wedding. It was the perfect getaway after having just finished school and a crazy first half of the year. The chance to spend almost 2 weeks with my immediate family and my new extended family was beyond needed and something I’ll forever cherish. The wedding was perfect! It was held at The beautiful Yacht Club at Marina Shores in Virginia Beach. Mandy look so gorgeous in her gown, and my brother so handsome and grown up.

Dustin Lewis Photography

Before the wedding it felt great to have a week to hit the beach, get a mani/pedi and chill with my family. Lots of food, wine and relaxation with the people I care about the most! After going years without a real vacation it felt so good to get away, get clarity and breathe. I now feel rejuvenated and ready hit the ground running again! I can focus on work, life and love a lot better now. And I will make sure I make time for a getaway-even if for a long weekend-from now on!

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